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Maria Bowen, like many others, always dreamt of owning her own fashion line. When the pandemic struck, and people were forced to stay in quarantine, the dream grew more substantial. Bowen was constantly pushed towards her dream by her family. Her husband knew it was something she had always wanted to do. After months of staying home, Bowen decided to take action. She created an online boutique shop called Design by Maria Bella.

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Always have what I'm looking for with reasonable prices and fast delivery.


Design by Maria Bella has so many stylish 'must have' pieces, so you are guaranteed to find something. The clothes are flattering, comfortable and best of all, affordable. I look forward to ordering more!


Sells the latest trends and great customer service. I will definitely be ordering again.


Buy it, Wear it, Love it

Design By Maria Bella is a mom-owned online boutique and a long time dream. With the love & support of her husband and their 3 boys, it’s become a reality! Maria’s eye for fashion truly reflects the online boutique, as she handpicks pieces from an array of emerging designers to prestigious fashion-forward brands.

(Most of the items are made in the USA & Italy)

Keeping that in mind, you will be sure to find something for just about everyone.

Quality, style, and curated choices are top priority,  the goal is to make all her Bella girls feel like the best version of themselves while feeling, looking, and dressing like the BOSS BABES that you ALL are.


| Thank You |

Design by Maria Bella appreciates your business! And we will continue to better serve all of you! My missions is to make sure when you shop with Design by Maria Bella you feel like the boss babes that you all are! Second to our customer service quality and unique trends is top priority! Follow us on Instagram & facebook!

Thank you for letting me boost your closets with our latest trends!


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