About Me

    My goal is to make you feel comfortable, confident, empowered, but most importantly beautiful in your own skin. No matter what obstacles are put in your way you can accomplish anything with drive, motivation, and support from people who truly care about you. A little short story about me, growing up into my teenage and current years my "father" would tell me that I would never be anything in life, I was a dreamer according to him and for a long time I believed him. Throughout the years I started accomplishing goals that for a very long time I didn't think were going to be possible because of what was imbedded in my head. Today I have the most amazing children, husband, family, & friends that truly love and have my best interest. I am a homeowner, a business owner to two businesses, and till this day I push through those negatives and continue to turn them into positives. I wanted to show my children that no matter what you can accomplish anything, I want them to know that I will always be there to support them regardless of what they decide to do in their life, I'll always be there to guide them. I am confident with how my husband and I raise them they will choose to make intelligent decisions for their future. But, no matter what they will always have us in their corner cheering them on. I want to connect with women, who have lived or are currently living in a similar situation and build a community. I have to say it hasn't been easy to understand why a person that gave you life doesn't want to be a part of it. But, I learned to move forward. Lets help each other cope, relate, & grow to be the best version of ourselves. If you would like to share your story email me at designbymariabella.com I'd love to hear it.

    Just know you're not alone.